Immediate visibility into everything

Affordable wireless monitoring and recording of your process data.

Getting process data shouldn't be so hard

You want to get leaner, but paying for a high priced consultant and an expensive software package (not to mention the associated server hardware) doesn't sound appealing.

Connected factory

Connect the rest of your plant via LoRa

The only network that can handle your entire plant with ease

There are a lot of wireless networks out there: from the short-range and difficult to manage Wifi, to expensive proprietary ones, to costly cellular.

There's only one network that has the range, the price point, and the scalability to handle all your unconnected devices and sensors: LoRa. It enables the promised industrial internet of things (IIoT) to finally take off.

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Dump the historian

Data historians have long been the way to gain insights into manufacturing processes, but their value simply don’t justify the costs involved.

Many historian packages charge you at every turn. Server licenses, per user client licenses and configuration costs drive total cost of ownership skyward. They also assume a highly connected and sophisticated level of automation in your plant, which many don’t have.

Historians rely on data being streamed from PLC’s meaning you must have the network infrastructure to support them as well as dedicated servers on premise which cost upwards of $10k.

Simple and safe network

Our LoRa wireless networking solution runs separate from your existing business Wifi and is 128 bit AES encrypted end-to-end, protecting you from attacks.

There is no network configuration. Within seconds of power being applied, data is streaming to our cloud database and is available for dashboard views, reports and alerts.

Unrestricted access

Create custom views of your process with access to real time and historical data.

We don’t charge per user, giving you the ability to empower everyone in your organization with the information they need to make the best decisions for your company.

With our system you can also create custom email or text reports and alerts, making life easier for those of us who work out of our inbox.

Unlock the value of your data

Your process data contains the keys to increased growth, decreased waste and higher overall efficiency.

Scout enables you to harness that power to drive your company towards success by hyper-optimizing each KPI in your production pipeline. Track production counts, cycle times, changeover times and much more with ease.

Questions about this brave new IIoT world?

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