Occupancy studies made easy

Get per-chair & per-minute usage data with a 10 second deployment.

Office chair

Low cost wireless sensors on every seat.

Get precise. Know when every chair is in use (or not). Don't settle for room-level sensors.

Our patent-pending occupancy sensor system tracks the slightest movement in each chair giving you up-to-the-minute usage data.

Want to know how long the average lunch break is? No problem. We can even tell you if someone forgot to turn off the lights or set the thermostat down for the weekend.

Dashboard screenshot

Watch it happen in real time

Is the boss working late tonight? Find out with up-to-the second dashboards and statistics.

No need to wait for a month to pour over data looking for trends. Our beautiful web-based dashboard is always available.

Want to share it with a client? We offer a white-labeled version.

An end-to-end solution

90 day sensor rental kit

Get any number of wireless sensors delivered directly to you.
Each kit comes with individually identified sensors, mess-free mounting tape, a Wifi gateway to collect the sensor data, and a 90 day subscription to our web-based dashboard.
When you're done, just toss it all back in the box and send it back.

Per-seat analytics

Along with movement data, we also collect temperature and light level information.
Go above and beyond by providing your client new insights into their energy usage.

White-labeled for you

Simply send us your logo and/or brand colors and we'll theme the dashboard for your clients.
We even handle the login usernames/passwords and report generation for you.

Building sketch

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