As a process and automation engineer, Cody found out firsthand how difficult seemingly simple tasks such as gathering historical production counts can be. Even with dozens of devices and software packages available in the marketplace (often for exorbitant prices), none were as simple as plugging in a sensor and immediately collecting and viewing the data. He knew there had to be a better way.

Eventually, Cody moved away from controls engineering and into computer programming and met Brendan at a local programming meetup. After hearing Cody's ideas for improving data collection in industry, Brendan was hooked. With experience programming embedded image processing systems similar to Google's Street View, he had always enjoyed getting hardware and software working in tandem.

Scout has received a pre-seed investment of $50,000 from the New Ventures accelerator in Winston-Salem and is working on pilots in the manufacturing analytics and commercial office space optimization markets.

Brendan Younger, CEO
Brendan Younger

Having developed everything from mobile telemetry applications to webapps, Brendan has a broad range of experience with hardware, firmware, and cloud computing. Prior to starting Scout, he was the lead engineer at two startups based out of Durham, North Carolina. With a master's in mathematics and extensive experience with "big data", he's excited to enable affordable, actionable analytics in several fields through the deployment of wireless sensors.

Cody Landry, CTO
Cody Landry

While in charge of the electrical controls of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, Cody received the only perfect inspection score in Navy history. He's also been the head automation engineer at a manufacturing plant employing more than 1,200 people. At Scout, he is in charge of sensor selection, PCB design, and coming up with novel use cases

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